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    25 Mart 2020
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    Square Pipe Mount Swivel Jack with Footplate - Weld On - Sidewind - 15" Travel - 5,000 lbs.
    Item # TJDP-5000S-FLB
    鈼廝ipe-Mount installation
    鈼?,000 lbs.
    鈼廠ide wind Jack
    鈼廎ixed Leg
    鈼廠wing up style for easy operation
    鈼?5 Inch Lift
    鈼廈lack powder coating
    This fixed-leg, swivel jack pivots up for travel and down for use. Square design provides superior side-load support. Jack has a retracted Bracket height of 15.90" and an extended height of 30.90". overall height range between 25" and 40". Mounting small sleeves included.
    鈼廢tility jack lets you raise and lower your trailer
    鈼廡ubular swivel design lets you twist jack up for storage, down for use
    鈼廠quare jack provides more side-load capacity than round-tube jacks
    鈼廠ide-wind handle has zinc finish for attractive look and rust resistance
    鈼廈lack painted outer tube, Zinc finished inner tube
    鈼廤eld-on installation
    鈼廈racket height(installation height)
    o15.90" Closed
    o30.9" Extended
    鈼廡ravel: 15"
    鈼廜uter tube width: 2.25" Sq.
    鈼廔nner tube width: 2" Sq.
    鈼廎ootplate dimensions: 7.5" long x 4" wide
    鈼廝ipe mount diameter:
    oInner: 桅2"
    oOuter: 桅2-1/2"
    鈼廝ipe mount pin hole diameter: 桅5/8"
    鈼廐andle radius: 7.50"
    鈼廘ift capacity: 3,000 lbs.
    鈼廠upport capacity: 5,000 lbs.
    鈼?-Year warrantyChina Trailer Jacks manufacturers

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