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Smart Toilet

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    25 Mart 2020
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    Product description
    The Ove smart toilet is a smart toilet with many features.Its waterless tank design requires a water pressure of 0.14Mpa,which is not easy to breed bacteria and maintain good health. It can realize various functions through the button panel,such as: automatic flushing, water pressure adjustment,hip wash function, bubble massage,intelligent deodorization, drying function,etc.,and is widely used.
    Pitch 300/400mm
    Cover material PP flame retardant descending cover
    heating method Instant type
    Product features
    1.The shape design is high-end and beautiful,providing customers with a better experience.
    2.It has excellent bactericidal function,which can reduce the prevalence rate and promote laxative.
    3.It has many functions to meet the different needs of users and can be cleaned in place.
    Production Process
    Each of our toilets strictly follows the production process:high-quality raw materials-full mixing-automatic grinding and pouring-fine grinding-washing repair-full spray glaze-1250 degrees high temperature firing-100% test water-100% appearance.We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.
    Where to pay attention to cleaning
    1.Always turn off the power before cleaning.
    2.Do not rinse directly with water. (unless the toilet is waterproof)
    3.Wipe the toilet liquid to corrode the fine seal.Smart Toilet

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