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SMD LED factory

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    Ödül Puanları:
    Package Dimensions And Materialsns
    1. All dimension units are millimeters.
    2. All dimension tolerance is ±0.2mm unless otherwise noted.
    Absolute Maximum Rating
    ItemSymbolAbsolute Maximum RatingUnit
    Forward CurrentIF150150mA
    Peak Forward Current*IFP300300mA
    Reverse VoltageVR55V
    Power DissipationPD7550mW
    Electrostatic dischargeESD1002000V
    Operation TemperatureTopr-25∽+80-25∽+80℃
    Storage TemperatureTstg-40∽+80-40∽+80℃
    Lead Soldering Temperature*TsolMax. 260℃ for 5sec Max.
    IFP Conditions: Pulse Width≤10msec. and duty≤1/10
    Typical Optical/ Electrical Characteristics
    Part NoLuminous Intensity (LM)Color Temperature
    (K)Test ConditionViewing Angle (Typ.)Forward Voltage(V) (Typ.)
    R5730UWC4550556800---7200IF = 150mA1203.0-3.4
    1. Absolute maximum ratings Ta=25℃.
    2. Tolerance of measurement of forward voltage±0.1V.
    3. Tolerance of measurement of luminous intensity±15%. Tolerance of measurement of color temperature±1000K.
    4. Tolerance of measurement of the color coordinates is ±0.01
    5. θ1/2 is the off-axis angle at which the luminous intensity is half the axial luminous intensity.It use many parameters that correspond to the CIE 1931 2°
    Tolerance of measurement of angle is ±10 degree.
    6. Caution in ESD: Static Electricity and surge damages the LED. lt is recommended to use a wrist band or anti-electrostatic glove when handling the LED.All devices, equipment and machinery must be properly grounded.
    7. The dominant wavelength λd is derived from the CIE chromaticity diagram and represents the single wavelength which defines the color of the device.
    Typical Optical/Electrical Characteristics Curves
    (Ta=25℃ Unless Otherwise Noted )SMD LED factory

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