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Wedge Wire Screen Filter suppliers

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    2 Ocak 2020
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    To solve the problems of poor roundness and uneven clearance of domestic sieve tubes, Xinxiang Shengda Filtration Technique Co., Ltd purchased high-technology welding equipment. The Minimum slot opening is 15 microns, negative tolerance is 5 microns, the minimum diameter of sieve tube is 25.4mm, the maximum diameter is 1200mm and the maximum length is 6m.
    The wedge wire Johnson screen filter element is a kind of tubal Johnson screen. It is composed of support rods and V-profile wire rolling welded on the special welding machine. There are several support rods inside the surface wire. To confirm the quality before further communication, we can offer samples to customer.
    SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, Duplex SS2205,Duplex SS2507, etc
    Customized According To Requirement
    Technical Parameter锛?/strong>
    Applicable code: contour welding stainless steel pipe (SY5182-87)
    Specification and size is customized
    Our office area锛?/strong>
    The filter separation products developed and produced by the company include reactor internals, outlet collectors, pipeline filter cartridges, tubular distributors, trays, seawater filter cartridges, overflow water filter sieve plates, Johnson sand control screens, Johnson sieve plates. More than 100 products, specifications and models, such as cone filter, automatic backwash filter, filter, metal stainless steel sintered mesh, stainless steel sintered felt, metal powder sintered filter; have the strongest production capacity and advanced in the industry technology. Products are mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, beverage, beer and beverage, petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, nuclear power, gas turbine power generation, wind power, coal-fired power generation, engineering machinery, coal mining and other fields.
    Our workshop:Wedge Wire Screen Filter suppliers

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